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一 标题 Title


二 摘要 Abstract

An abstract should be written in such a way that any reader who is not familiar with the topic will be able to understand and appreciate the main points of the study.

  1. 简单介绍该研究的背景现况。
  2. 总结研究所使用方法及关键性结果。
  3. 表明研究的重要性,如该研究在更广泛背景下的意义或可能的应用。


Examples of Abstracts

三 引言 Introduction

A good introduction requires that the authors fully understand the significance of their work and how it fits in with the current knowledge in a specific area.

  1. 介绍该研究领域目前最新的进展,讨论文中研究与已发表工作的关系。
  2. 进行研究的动机。
  3. 该研究对所属知识领域的意义,独创性或贡献。


四 实验理论方法 Experimental and/or Theoretical Methods

Examples of style and general recommendations

五 结果/讨论 Results/Discussion

The author should discuss the significance of observations, measurements, or computations and should also point out how these contribute to the scientific objectives indicated in the Introduction.


六 结论 Conclusions

A brief summary should be given for the principal conclusions of the work.


Quick Checklist


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